Who’s Sara?

I’m Sara. You may call me Sara and nothing else. My parents chose Sara as my name precisely because they could think of no nicknames for it.

If you think of one, please tell me. I always wanted a nickname.

Speaking of things I always wanted: Freckles. When I was little, my best friend told me freckles were fairy kisses and the more freckles you had the more the fairies loved you. In retrospect, this is probably something her parents made up to make her feel better about her zillions of freckles.

I’m still trying to accept the fact that the fairies never loved me enough to give me kisses.

I really love singing but not in the shower, pretending I’m on a catwalk when I walk in heels, my six younger siblings, my hair, the beach, pickled beets, getting lost in new cities, natural history museums, writing, and making funny faces.

I don’t really love being lactose intolerant, tripping on the catwalk sidewalk when I walk in heels, water slides and big waves, people with no self-awareness, humidity, being late, managing my finances, or anything grape-flavored.

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3 responses to “Who’s Sara?

  1. Lori

    Dude, I so have an issue with food touching on my plate too! Everyone thinks I am crazy. I use like 3 plates on Thanksgiving. You rock.

  2. Dave


    Cool site. U R indeed….AWSOME! I look forward to your updates.

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